Columbus Screen Repair Services

Laptops-1024x636-300x186Computer screens are quite challenging to work with. Yet, in Columbus, screen repair has been the bulk of the services that we provide to both individuals and small and medium sized businesses. At OnCallTech we repair any kind of computer screen even laptops and Macs.

Common Screen Problems

For the past 15 years, we have been providing the people of Columbus the correct solutions to the following computer screen problems:

  • Broken or cracked screens
  • Dead pixels
  • Digitizer inaccuracy or cracked glass on tablets
  • Flickering or static images
  • Inappropriate pixilation
  • Irregular lines or ink-blot appearance
  • Loss of color fidelity or excessively inappropriate discoloration

Reasons to Choose Us

  • OnCallTech is your one-stop provider of excellent computer screen repair services. But, why should you choose us?
  • Certified screen repair technicians – all of our screen repairmen have many years of experience repairing and managing computer screens. Everyone in the team is duly certified to provide you with the best screen repair you can ever find
  • Competitive prices – give us a call and we can provide you with very competitive quotes to help you make the correct decision
  • Fast turnaround – we know how valuable the computer screen is in your life or your business. Our technicians have been known to repair screens effectively and record time
  • High quality OEM parts – we only use OEM parts in our work. You may save a few dollars by replacing parts with cheap knockoffs but the guarantee simply is missing.
  • Warranty – we stand by our work. We give you our guarantee that your computer screen problem will be given the correct long-term solution and not merely a temporary relief

At OnCallTech, we have been helping small businesses in Columbus bring their screens back to life for the past 15 years. We are, after all, the PC repair experts of Columbus.
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