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Whether you are a homeowner or a small business owner, you need to have all of your computer devices – computers, laptops, printers, photocopiers, and other network-ready peripherals and devices – to communicate with each other. Sharing of files and the transmittal of important data from one terminal to the next and across the entire network must be done effectively and securely. As such, we at OnCallTech can provide you with the necessary networking solutions that you will need so that different devices can talk or communicate all at the same time without necessarily affecting overall system resources. Additionally, at OnCallTech we make sure that this network infrastructure remains secure from all forms of threat both from within and outside the network itself.

For the network infrastructure, small and medium sized businesses may operate a lot more efficiently if they have a combination of wired and wireless networking capabilities. Wired network resources can handle substantially large volumes of data at any given time without loss in quality of the data. However, we also do recognize that some aspects of operation will require laptops or tablets. Allowing these devices to communicate with the main network infrastructure will require the setting up of wireless protocols. The same setup is true with homes and home-based offices especially when there are simply a lot of users that need to be connected at any given time.

For the network security, OnCalltech can provide wireless routers that can also serve as a firewall for homes and home offices. These security protocols protect the home from hackers while at the same time allowing the more secure encryption of wireless signal from unauthorized access. For businesses, stronger firewalls may be provided in addition to a unified treat management software. This program allows for more efficient access controls, content filtering, and spam management.

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